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2020 has been exhausting, to say the least. The current state of society, pandemic, politics, and social justice issues have made this year one of the most difficult to deal with. We lived through a halt in our routine with the start of the pandemic. We lived through a stressful election season. We also lived through an economy that depressed and then slowly climbed uphill again. You may have faced other hardships and personal issues that made 2020 feel unbearable thus far. The good thing is 2021 is just less than two months away. But rather than complain and tweet…

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Senator Kamala D. Harris (D-California) is the new Vice President elect of the United States. The 2020 Presidential election results were called earlier this week by a number of verifiable news outlets. Harris, an HBCU graduate is the first woman and first Black woman to be elected Vice President. It is an historic position to be in. She and President Barack H. Obama have the position of “first” in common. Unfortunately, what they also have in common is America’s obsessive focus on their ethnic background and parentage. But why is this? Isn’t it enough that Kamala Harris is American? …

Jack’s typwriter. “The Shining”

I was an English major in undergrad. I briefly wrote for my college newspaper. After graduation I wrote an essay for an anthology and a few articles for local publications. I also landed an editorial internship / reporter gig. I wrote essays for a few internet magazines. It was all leading up to something: my journey as a writer. But it’s been many years since. I’ve taught students. Performed poetry. Been a featured author or poet at venues. Had poetry featured in journals and magazines. Lived. Laughed. Traveled a lot.

One thing I have continued to hear over the years…

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Music creates memories and marks turning points in our lives. Music is a companion and friend when you need it. It’s also a reminder to “lively up yourself” in the words of Bob Marley when you need a motivating push.

When you’re trying to get through a doctoral program, you are managing your time, staying on top of hard deadlines, and hopefully balancing your life. If your team and chair is behind you, rooting for you, your process may be memorable, mostly smooth, and something you cherish. If you reach some bumps along your journey and feel a bit lost at times, it’s to be expected. That is a hallmark of the doctoral and dissertation process, especially if you don’t have a lot of support behind you. But hopefully, you’ll come out on top like I did, after sticking with…

Zendaya and John David Washington as “Malcolm & Marie” on Netflix

Malcolm and Marie. What can I say about this quarrelsome pair? Well, I’ve already said it. Quarrelsome. But let me start from the beginning.

Scene 1. The cinematography gives the look of a two-person dramatic play. The colors are drab even though the actors in front of us are striking. A tired couple comes home from a glamorous, well attended Hollywood film awards show. The conversation between the couple reveals to the viewer that Malcolm was awarded a coveted honor for his recent film. I’m intrigued. A movie about a Black filmmaker, I’m all in.

The couple, Malcolm and Marie…

Salt-N-Pepa with DJ Spinderella

My mic sound nice, check one
My mic sound nice, check two
My mic sound nice, check three

Lifetime TV aired the biopic of one of rap’s most famous groups, Salt-N-Pepa on Saturday, January 23rd. According to Variety, the film was executive produced by Robert Teitel along with Queen Latifah, Cheryl “Salt” James, Sandra “Pepa” Denton, and Shakim Compere. The film was co-executive produced by James “Jimmy” Maynes and Hurby Azor. The film’s director was Mario Van Peebles with screenplay written by Abdul Williams.

Radha Blank in “The 40-Year Old Version”

YO! Where my period at? These are the lyrics Radha Blank spits in the new Netflix film “The 40-Year Old Version.” Enter Radha. A Black female playwright, budding lyricist, poet, womanist, and arts teacher. She’s been writing for a long time and yearns to be acknowledged for her artistic genius. But she also wants to stay true to herself and her Harlem roots. Radha’s signature gold, door knocker earrings, African headwrap, and no nonsense attitude create the artist’s swag in the film.

The film is an ode to every Black girl artists’ dreams of making it in the Big City…

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Many writers are grabbing at straws when it comes to book publishing. What is a book synopsis? How do I write a query letter? Do I really need my manuscript professionally edited? These are questions that writers may struggle with.

The industry can feel like an elite club that only lets in a chosen few good writers. For the writers who took their dreams into their own hands, self publishing has been the way to go. But if you’re planning to go the traditional route and you haven’t networked your way into a book deal, you’re going to need some…

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U.S. Education Secretary Betsy Devos is on her way out, and many educators are glad about it. According to a March 2020 article published by the National Education Association, despite widespread concerns among parents and educators, it was Devos who pressured the nation’s public schools to fully open in Fall 2020. Devos threatened to “cut off funds to public schools that don’t fully open in the fall” and suggested those funds would be routed to “private and religious” schools instead. We know that public schools, particularly in urban and low income areas are highly populated by Black and brown children…

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Writer, poet, podcaster, children’s/YA/MG author, TEDx “Word is Bond” speaker. Nerd-in-Chief at Nerdacity Podcast. Educator & commentator.

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