5 Ways to Make Literacy Fun (and Save Your Sanity) While Homeschooling

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Parents are you homeschooling since being in quarantine? If so, are you overwhelmed? Imagine that you don’t have a degree in elementary education, and you’ve never been faced with being with your kids during weekdays outside of holiday or summer break. It can be challenging. How do you continue your child’s education at home while not losing your mind? Reading for enjoyment, whether print or digitally — is totally the thing to do!

Here are 5 ways to make literacy fun:

  1. Virtual author read alouds. We are Teachers gathered a fantastic list of authors doing of their books. Award winning children’s author Kwame Alexander will read his book The Crossover on Monday, March 30th at 10:30 am EST.
  2. Create sacred space for reading. It’s not just a chair or a corner, it’s an intentional space. Sacred reading space should be clear of clutter. Maybe it’s a comfy sofa with pillows for you and your child to lounge while reading. Maybe it’s a big chair with a colorful blanket and soft overhead light.
  3. Audiobooks. has tons of free books for kids from elementary to tween readers.
  4. D.E.A.R. family edition. When I was a K-12 school teacher, schools often promoted D.E.A.R. also known as Drop Everything and Read. There was a specific time of day when the entire school from the Principal to the students, would stop everything to read a favorite book. You might carve out 30–40 minutes of family reading. This means everyone. The TV is off. No cell phones (Did I hear a sigh?). Create a reading event with herbal teas, favorite snacks, and jazz music playing in the background. This is a perfect time for you to read aloud with children who aren’t independent readers yet. Seeing parents read is one way children develop an early appreciation for reading.
  5. Blog or Vlog it! If you have teens or tweens you know they love talking about themselves and sharing what they think. Want to encourage your teen or tween to report on what they’re reading? Encourage them to start a blog to share their thoughts. Search free blog platforms. The link can be shared with teachers, peers, and sent to favorite authors on Twitter. If your teens enjoy YouTube, encourage them to start a book vlog. You can record or they can record themselves, edit, and upload their book talk.

Writer, poet, podcaster, children’s/YA/MG author, TEDx “Word is Bond” speaker. Nerd-in-Chief at Nerdacity Podcast. Educator & commentator.

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