6 Ways to Keep Your Spirits Up Now

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It’s a tough time filled with uncertainty. Your day to day life has been impacted by things beyond your control. You’re working at home or your work hours have been cut. If you have kids and a spouse you’re managing their lives in addition to your own. If you’re single you may feel frustrated and lonely. The grass isn’t greener on anyone’s side because we are all going through it. The good news is every day that you’re here is a chance to learn something new, do something new, and have a new perspective to renew in whatever ways that you can.

Being at home each day can be a comfort for some. Introverts can be energized by finding new projects to do, getting some quiet reading in, alone with their thoughts. Extroverts, however, may feel a sort of isolation that can turn into depression if activities engaged in are not stimulating enough for them.

Here are 6 ways to keep your spirits up while you’re at home. Find what works for you!

  1. MUSIC We all know that music is essential to the soul. What are you listening to? Turn on music while you’re cooking. Get your morning or afternoon workout in with the music. If you’re on IG — some of the world’s hottest DJs are doing weekly lives playing decades of music that we all love. Get into it!
  2. COMEDY Laughter heals. I have read accounts of cancer patients and others with illnesses who in addition to their treatment plans, watched comedy movies and got their daily dose of funny. Whether it’s a comedy special on Netflix or your favorite sitcom, some belly-aching laughter can take your mind off of things.
  3. BOOKS and POETRY Did you know that it’s National Poetry Month? Poets.org features beautiful poems from the world’s greatest poets on their website. Authors are doing weekly read alouds of their books on Twitter, FB live and other platforms. Audible has free audiobooks you can download. Hey, you probably have some good books at home that you can check out!
  4. SELF CARE Your massage or nail salon may be closed but that doesn’t mean you can’t pamper at home. It’s always good to keep some home health and beauty supplies at home to manicure your nails, give yourself a facial, and generally treat yourself well. Make a fruit smoothie. Get your yoga mat out and stretch in your living room. Dance to your favorite music — club stay at home! Do whatever you can to practice self-care.
  5. FAITH Whatever you believe in now is the time to ramp up your faith. You may not be able to control what is going on out there, but you can certainly control your mind and feed your inner life. Prayer, journaling, meditation, and a quiet walk in your neighborhood can help ease and lift your spirits.
  6. NO TOXIC EXES Now is not the time to reconnect with an ex. If you were meant to be together, you would have before this crisis. In times of emotional need sometimes it feels easier to reach out to a toxic person from the past because they know you and you know them. But if the relationship wasn’t feeding you then, it’s not going to feed you now. Have discipline and just say no. Otherwise, when things are back to normal you’ll have to waste time figuring out how to get rid of someone who wasn’t good for you in the first place.

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