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2020 has been exhausting, to say the least. The current state of society, pandemic, politics, and social justice issues have made this year one of the most difficult to deal with. We lived through a halt in our routine with the start of the pandemic. We lived through a stressful election season. We also lived through an economy that depressed and then slowly climbed uphill again. You may have faced other hardships and personal issues that made 2020 feel unbearable thus far. The good thing is 2021 is just less than two months away. But rather than complain and tweet endlessly about how raggedy 2020 is, how about looking forward to something new? Each new day is a chance to have a different thought and do a new thing. Here are my tips to stay motivated as you look ahead to the New Year.

What are you doing to stay motivated? Leave me a comment below or tweet me @duewafrazier1. Visit my website at

Writer, poet, podcaster, children’s/YA/MG author, TEDx “Word is Bond” speaker. Nerd-in-Chief at Nerdacity Podcast. Educator & commentator.

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