Author Spotlight: Nathaniel Terrell

Poet, Nathaniel Terrell
Is There Not a Cause? by Nathaniel Terrell Available at Atmosphere Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

About the Poet

Nathaniel Terrell is an author, poet, writer and artist. He is currently promoting a collection of poems titled, Is there not a cause, published by Atmosphere Press. Other of his work has been in publications and online platforms including New Plains Review, Maudlin House, Nine Cloud Journal, Havik, Finding The Birds, Connecting Perspectives,, The Inside Interviews, Open Mic Night Poetry Podcast and more. He resides in Western, NY.

Poet Nathaniel Terrell is the author of Is There Not a Cause? Check out my interview with this poet!

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Writer, poet, podcaster, children’s/YA/MG author, TEDx “Word is Bond” speaker. Nerd-in-Chief at Nerdacity Podcast. Educator & commentator.

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