Podcasting 101: 6 Things I’ve Learned So Far

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Podcasts are an increasingly popular phenomenon now. Everyone from celebrities to students are podcasting, using YouTube, IG, and of course popular podcast websites. I believe the need to communicate, promote, and keep up with current events is what has sparked a boom in podcasting. Also being in quarantine over the last several months, many people have found that increasing their social media use with the inclusion of podcasts is a way to stay engaged and build networks.

I have always been a journalist at heart, in addition to being a creative writer. I wrote articles for my college newspaper during my junior year of college. I also worked as an editorial intern, writing community news stories for a Brooklyn newspaper after college. Reading the news and writing about current events has always fascinated me. My passion for storytelling through creative writing hasn’t stopped with just the motivation to publish books. As a blogger with an interest in journalism, I also enjoy reading and gathering news related to topics of interest. And sometimes the topic is just me sharing my experience and thoughts. All of this sparked my interest in beginning a podcast. Something I could share with friends and supporters that would allow me to engage on my perspective of various topics. I have wanted to start a podcast for awhile but I had to complete some major things first (hello, final grad degree).

When things in my life settled down, and I had some time to rest, I decided to start my podcast. I first had to research what platforms might be best to get started. Among some of my favorite podcasters, I found that they use: Pod Bean, Spreaker, Blubrry, Anchor FM, Buzz Sprout and others. Each service has it’s various features that are draws for podcasters. Some have fees attached, others are free but have costs if you choose to add additional features. Each service has it’s pros and cons based on what I have read.

So I started a podcast called So Cerebral with Dr. DuEwa Frazier last month. I just passed my 1 month anniversary for it. YAY! I used Anchor FM to get started , which is one of the platforms that helps to distribute your podcasts to websites and apps such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify. I record not exactly on a weekly schedule, maybe every other week. I speak on topics I enjoy but I’ve also started to book featured guests for my #FocusedFriday segments.

Here are 6 things I’ve learned so far about podcasting:

  1. Create a catchy title. Like it really has to POP! I debated on whether or not to use my “Doctor” title because well it is new. But I found that including it, makes the title more catchy and may encourage people to want to know more about me. I also think if I ever decide not to use it, it will be fine.
  2. Think about your topics ahead of time. I decided my main topics would be self care, education, books, and culture. Thinking about what I cared about helped me create content on these topics.
  3. Organize your notes before you record. I don’t speak off the cuff. Even though there are some topics I could probably talk about on the spot, I think with podcasting it’s best not to do that unless you have co-hosts to dialogue with.
  4. Research your content. This goes along with organizing your notes before you record. Having somewhat of a journalistic background as well as an academic background, I enjoy researching my topics to gain quotes and find out what some of the experts are saying. I am able to then add my perspective.
  5. Personalize your content. Making personal connections to your topics makes it engaging for your listeners. If you are someone who already shares your ideas and opinions on social media, this shouldn’t be too hard. So think about how you can relate or possibly debate about the topic.
  6. Be ready to promote. If you’re already on social media, you have a built in vehicle in which to promote your podcast and get the word out. Promote using hashtags related to your topic. Use more than one social media platform if you can.

Do you currently subscribe to podcasts? If so, which ones? If you started a podcast, what would it be about? Tweet me @duewafrazier1 or comment below!

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